May 14, 2009

The Moon Lover


Finally I got to catch this movie and now I know why y-k1 keep asking to tell him which part of the movie scene I love the most .

The love of the moon and wolverine ( the "ka-kue-tsu").

" Do you know why the moon is so lonely?" Kayla asked.

A story about the Moon and wolverine were in love. One day, the spirit trickster has fooled the wolverine to get a flower which out from the spirit realm but the wolverine didn't know he couldn't get back to the moon once he left. Then the Moon spirit was left alone after all.

Then, Kayla was murdered by Victor another day.

Later, Logan and Kayla meet again and he found that the death of Kayla was fake. It was actually all planned by the Stryker. Then he said,

" I thought that you were the moon, I was the wolverine. But in fact, I'm the moon, you're the tricskster."

and he walked away.

Kayla sheds a tears and seem like she does has the feeling to Logan but she is unable to express it and she said, " It was real to me. "

The wolverine can be very strong at times, but when he meets his love ones, he can be weak too.

Aww... less chemistry action movie can always caught my attention. :)

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