Apr 14, 2011

A post at 3 in the morning

Opps, one month missing again. My sincere apology to my readers, guess not much left though.

Exactly a month ago from today, I mentioned that I begun a new life...sadly, it ended quite suck. It turned me down, totally. I thought I've made a wrong decision. After that an opportunity came up to me again, I've accepted it and yea, another new life is about to begin.

Its gonna be something entirely new to me, a big challenge, really big one. So let's see if I could make it to cope it or not.

and yea, it reminded me of a quote "Everything happens for a reason"

yea, everything happened for a reason. I always telling myself that no matter the thing happened was good or bad, there must be a reason behind and in the end, you would found that the changes is worthy. Then you can find another way for happiness.

A hint?

It's about working for a permanent job.

Don't ask me why and what about my further studies in Sept. Cause me myself don't know about that, I couldn't predict what would change my mind in the next second. So, just wish me luck :)


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